Domestic Energy Assessment Explained

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate or EPC is the energy efficiency rating of a property, precisely a building. The rating is represented graphically on a scale from A to G, where A stands for the most efficient energy performance and G stands for the least efficient energy performance. Side-by-side energy performance of buildings, the EPC depicts the environmental impact of a building in terms of Carbon Dioxide or CO 2 emissions.

Why is the Energy Performance Certificate so Vital?

EPC's are a direct outcome of the European Union Directive 2002/91/EC, inspired by the Kyoto Protocol that aimed at cutting back on energy consumption and ecological deterioration due to CO 2 emissions. Incorporated in Part 5 of the UK Housing Act 2004, this directive requires all houses and buildings in UK to have EPCs by 2009. About 40% of UK 's energy consumption results from domestic uses - due to lighting, heating, air-conditioning and other household uses.

The issuance of EPCs will be a concrete step in curtailing this massive consumption. They not only give an estimation of the energy efficiency, EPC's also have necessary information to help improve the energy-efficiency of a home/building. EPC's provide complete details about Energy Savings

Trusts that help house-property- owners with special grants and/or discounts to carry out necessary improvement work. Lowering of energy consumption will cut down on carbon emissions simultaneously. This way, EPCs not only help save money and energy, but also successfully contribute to the cause of environmental improvement. 

 EPCs have immensely helped the buying/selling process, making the process transparent and fast. Again, EPC's are helping buyers take the right decisions by providing them adequate information. Actually, the better the rating, the higher is the energy efficiency of the property and the lower the fuel bills.

With lower energy consumption, expenses will be less and the impact on the climate will be favorable. This being the case, a property with a good energy performance rating will invite more buyers. With suitable advises on ways of saving energy and cutting carbon emissions, EPC's have helped property sellers enhance their reliability; the buyers too are benefited in that they can now make their new homes energy-efficient and bio-friendly.

Issuing EPC's

 In compliance with the European Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings, all member countries of the European Union have been directed to introduce EPC's as a measure to curb energy wastage and harmful ecological consequences. Hence, the UK government now requires the sellers to provide an EPC's to the buyer. Property-owners, who are contemplating to sell their holdings can either obtain EPC's by directly seeking the services of Domestic Energy Assessors or approach them through their agents.

An accredited Energy Assessor perform the necessary checks and issue the Energy Performance Certificate.